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…There’s a guide to being a regular?

Ever wanted to go to a place where everybody knows your name? Urban Monarch has tips on how to become a regular at your restaurant of choice. Some nice guidelines, including:

  • Visit the same restaurant three times in the first month, then once a month ongoing. These are minimums, visit more if you like.
  • Tip 20% of the total bill (tax, drinks, everything) and round up to the nearest dollar.
  • If you ask for advice take it. Don’t ask what the server recommends if you know you want the pasta.
  • If you order a nice bottle of wine, ask the server if they would like to sample it. They may decline, but the gesture makes an impression.

And a few that seem more than obvious (though I guess in today’s age are worth reinforcing):

  • Say thank you when receiving service.
  • Turn off your cell phone while dining.

So if you’re looking for better service at your favorite dining establishment, follow their tips and feel like a mob boss in no time.

[Urban Monarch]