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…Toyota makes a garden for your roof?

Toyota Lawn

Toyota (yes the car company) has developed squares of turf for your roof. Made by Toyota Roof Garden, a division of the automaker, the squares of grass mat (called TM9 turf mats) come in 20×20 inch patches specifically designed to go on a flat roof. They’re made of slow growth Korean velvet grass (korai shiba), meaning you only need to cut it once a year, and feature built-in irrigation holes so you don’t need to worry about over watering them. Put a couple of these together and you’ve got a lawn that looks good and provides insulation, which should help cut energy costs. 10 square feet will run $43, which doesn’t seem too steep for a ready to go do it yourself lawn option. Unfortunately these are currently only available in Japan, so cross your fingers that you’ll get to see them at your local gardening store some time in the future.

[Toyota Roof Garden]

[Via: Pink Tentacle]