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…Traffic is hard to generate?

This post is going to be part of Daily Blog Tip’s February Blog Project; because I think the project and this post are a unique way to share with you, the readers, a behind the scenes look at what goes into creating this, the DYH blog. The topic for this month’s project is Traffic Generation Tips, so I’m going to outline a few of the steps I’ve taken to attract new readers. Since DYH is a relatively new blog, I’ve definitely been working hard to get the word out, and so far I think my efforts have been successful. Here are a few of the marketing methods that I’ve used in the past few months, one or more of which is probably the way that you found yourself here today:

  • I read a lot of other blogs. Currently I subscribe to 205 other bogs via RSS feeds, and I keep up with each one of them on a daily basis. I’m always on the look out for new and unique blogs, and I try to diversify what I’m reading as much as possible so that I’m always on top of what’s new and exciting. Since DYH doesn’t really cater to one topic and instead pretty much covers whatever interests me, and what I feel will interest you, I am always looking for unique and interesting things to cover. When I do get inspiration from another blog, I always cite that source along with a TrackBack when available. TrackBacks let the original author know that I used his post for inspiration, and also puts a link to my post in the original post. One benefit of this TrackBacking is that since my blog topics are likely to be similar to the blog topics covered by the source blog, the readership is also likely to be similar.
  • DYH is search engine optimized. Though I don’t do as much as I should to optimize for search engines, I try to make sure Google is finding my articles whenever possible. WordPress plugins like Google Sitemaps and Ultimate Tag Warrior help, and I tag each post with appropriate key words so that Google knows what’s on each page, and can direct traffic appropriately.
  • I like Digg, and I get lots of my ideas from the site. When I first started out, I used the “Blog This Link” feature built into Digg, though I added all of my own information to the standard post before posting it here. This put a link to my post in the “Who Blogged This?” section of the Digg article, but allowed me to give my own interpretation of the article. It was definitely a valuable resource starting out, though I’m shying away from that feature as DYH grows older.

So there are three of my traffic generation tips, and the ones that I found to be the most valuable when starting out. Chances are you found yourself here through one of the three, so you know first hand that they work. I definitely appreciate the readers that I have, which is why I put together posts like TGI Friday. Be sure to check them out, as it’s my own way of saying thanks for staying and making DYH the blog it is today.

[Daily Blog Tips – Blog Project: Traffic Generation Tips]

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