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…TrekStor makes a $20,000 MP3 player?


i.Beat Diamonds

The TrekStor i.Beat organix Gold MP3 Player might have a fancy name and ridiculous price tag, but it doesn’t come with any special features besides its blinged out look. Cast in 18-karat gold, the player features 63 one-karat diamonds encircling the display. Originally designed as a special order from Russian-Canadian billionaire (there’s a combo you don’t see everyday) and owner of the Midland Formula 1 team Alex Shnaider, the i.Beat was crafted in gold with the sole purpose of being the world’s most expensive player. As for actual features, this player features 1 GB (oh come on, only a gig?) of storage for your tunes (MP3, WMA, WAV, ASF, and OGG formats), a two-color (come on, only two colors?) OLED screen that displays ID3 tags, FM radio station info, and equalizer visualization, integrated voice recorder, USB 2.0, digital clock/alarm/stopwatch functions, carrying/show off chain, and two headphone jacks so you can share your expensive music tastes with a friend. Extravagance indeed.

[Via: MobileWhack]