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…Twitter learning continues?

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I promise, this is (one of) the last posts I will do on twitter. I’ve got to bring you what’s hot though, and right now, this is it.

First, if you are looking for people to add to your twitter list, check out Twitterholic, a site that lists the top 100 twits (based on the number of followers).

Second, over at theory.isthereason, they have put together an amazingly thorough primer on twitter that covers just about anything and everything that you could ever want to know about the service, including “Is Twitter really that popular?”.

Lastly, one cool feature that I just read about being built into twitter is TinyURL functionality. Since tweets are limited by their character count, if you insert a link that is more than 30 characters long, twitter will automatically turn it into a TinyURL for you, saving you the trouble of converting it yourself. TinyURL takes your endlessly long and unrememberable URLs and gives them an easier to use and remember from, such as: (go ahead, try it). Clicking on that link automatically forwards you to the intended destination.

Bonus: In case you missed it, check out my twitter primer for a walk through of everything you’ll need to start tweeting.


[Via: John Calacanis]

[theory.isthereason – Twitter Primer]

[Biz Stone, Genius – Twitter TinyURL]