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…Vaults can keep your wine safe from oxygen and heat?

Wine Vault

Oxygen and heat are the worst enemies of any great wine collection. If you’re going to open a bottle, you better plan on finishing it quickly, as the air that ads to the tongue pleasing aroma will quickly destroy that same great taste and nose. The Oxygen Displacing And Cooling Wine Vault from Hammacher Schlemmer “uses inert argon gas to completely displace oxygen through a specially designed reusable cork, which vents oxygen through eight apertures in its body, maintaining a vacuum between the surface of the wine and the outside air, and thereby preserving and maximizing a wines unique qualities for up to two weeks”. The vault holds up to 14 bottles, or 12 if you keep one vertical for viewing through the polycarbonate window to display the label. The inside is illuminated by six LEDs to prevent temperature change from the lighting, and is cooled using heat pipe technology to disperse heat without a lot of fan noise. It even features user-controlled temperatures so you can cellar your reds at 55-57 degrees and your whites at 45 degrees. Sounds like the perfect way to store and enjoy a growing wine collection.

[Oxygen Displacing And Cooling Wine Vault]

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