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…Victoria’s Secret makes really expensive bras?

Fantasy Bra

As the centerpiece of their 2006 Christmas Dreams and Fantasies catalog, Victoria’s Secret will be debuting their annual Fantasy Bra, a $6.5 million uber undergarment called Hearts on Fire. With 2000 round diamonds embroidered onto the bra and weighing in at 800 carats, it’s sure to be a hefty piece of attire. Plus, there’s a 10-carat diamond brooch as the centerpiece, (like you needed a centerpiece when you’re wearing something like this). Karolina Kurkova has the honors of wearing this year’s bra (as she did in 2002), and claims that it’s “very sexy and very comfortable, and it doesn’t dig in” (I’d hope not for that kind of cash). Though it hasn’t yet been purchased, the buyer may be able to score a date with Kurkova along with the bra, as she says “If someone ever does (buy it), I would really like to meet them”. Private fashion show probably not (though possibly) included.

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