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…Washing your hands can be fun again?


For some good clean fun, check out the SquidSoap, designed to teach kids the value of having clean hands when they are mining for nose gold or picking up presents the dog leaves for the family. An ink marker on the top of the soap dispenser puts a squid ink sucker mark on your hand when you press the pump to dispense soap. After 15-20 seconds (apparently the time most doctors recommend, though I’ve been using the ‘if it’s all wet it’s all good’ method) the ink washes off, leaving you clean hands in more ways than one. According to the site, kids love it because it makes hand washing a game (winner is the first with prune hands), and the squid sitting atop the soap dispenser is also a toy for after cleanliness fun. Plus, “A study in 305 schools shows that children who wash their hands at least 4 times a day miss 30% less school than children who don’t wash as frequently”, and that study is right 60% of the time, every time. If I were a kid, the ink marker would be the toy and the walls of the bathroom my canvas, but then that’s just me.