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…Waterclocks are expensive?

Liquid Clock

Though sadly I don’t know first hand, I’ve often heard that the hardest part of being a billionaire is finding enough time to spend your ridiculous amount of money. Thankfully, Bernard Gitton’s Liquid-Time Sculpture helps you both keep track of that time and spend that money. The 7 foot tall version of this vacuum operated waterclock will cost you $85,000, and a 35 foot tall version (which obviously requires a house with 36 foot tall ceilings, so you’re probably going to need an upgrade) will set you back a few Ferraris, or 495,000 Washingtons. Got that kind of pocket change? International Robotics will gladly exchange it for some time. Now if only they made this in a watch version.

[International Robotics]

[Via: Gizmodo]

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