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…Whimsy makes Space Invaders themed gift wrap?

Space Invaders Paper

Space Invaders Paper Detail

If you manage to get your hands on a new Wii or PS3 for Christmas (assuming they are even available by then, you are willing to wait in super long lines to get them, and you don’t eBay them off for thousands of dollars) then what better way to wrap them up than Space Invaders themed wrapping paper. Whimsy Press, makers of all things fancy wrapping paper like, has a line called Dude Wrap, with man themed wrapping paper (sorry, gift wrap), since “Let’s face it – guys never really grow up. So why should their gift wrap?” $4.50 gets you two sheets of this paper pleasure inducer, a small price to pay for geeky gamer gift giving.

[Whimsy – Dude Wrap]

[Via: Aeropause]