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…Wine in a can now blessed by Paris?

Paris Prosecco

Prosecco Girl

Rich Prosecco is “Vino Frizzante”, or very nice sparkling wine in a very un-nice aluminum can. From their site: “Drinking Prosecco from a can is delicious; as you sip, the pearling sensation of the cool, fresh-tasting Prosecco ripples over the lip of the can to dance on your tongue”. Wow, drinking this stuff sounds like a party in your mouth and everyone’s invited. And if you’re going to throw a party and invite everyone, you RSVP list won’t be complete without the likes of Paris Hilton. Luckily, Paris has just signed up to be Prosecco’s newest spokesmodel, and given her recent run-in with the cops and the letters BAC, she’s the perfect choice for putting her seal of approval all over an alcoholic product for the rich and famous. Keep your eyes peeled for a Prosecco NASCAR team in the coming weeks, since no beverage in a can is complete without a sponsorship of America’s pastime.

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[Via: Luxist]