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…Xbox 360 can now be played on its own laptop?

Xbox 360 Laptop

Ben Heckendorn has mad Xbox hacking skills, and has used his powers to create the world’s first (and probably only) Xbox 360 laptop. That’s right, I said laptop. It started when a friend of his asked if it was possible to build an Xbox 360 laptop. His response: “Sure, can you pay for it?” The rest is videogame hacking history. Features include:

  • 17″ wide (diagonal) 1280×720 progressive-scan LCD VGA monitor (for HD-level resolutions) Thus you can actually read the text in Dead Rising.
  • Water-cooled with custom-built radiator. Allows for a slimmer main body versus the mammoth heat sinks in a stock 360.
  • Built-in keyboard and Wi-Fi.
  • USB hub allows original number of 3 USB ports for user.
  • All-aluminum case, except for plastic keyboard / ring of light / screen control area.
  • Uses single customized “expanded” power supply brick for both screen and Xbox 360.
  • Breakout ports on back allow hookup to component TV, VGA monitor, sound system (analog or TOSlink) and even crummy composite video.
  • Size: 16.75″ x 10.75″ x 2.8″ Weight: 14 pounds (with water loaded).

All told, there is over $1200 in parts and machining costs in this beast, not counting man-hours to design and put everything together. Head on over to his site, where every step of his creation has been documented and photographed. While you’re there, check out Ben’s other portable videogame system hacks. I must say, he’s been struck quite a few times by the talent stick.

[Ben Heckendorn]

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