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…You can finally experience that Ferrari you use to get groceries?

Porsche At The Country Club

The thrill of the open road, the sound of an engine at full throttle, the colors of the scenery flying by, and the drinks at the clubhouse afterwards. The first three are well known to driving enthusiasts, but a new breed of automotive country clubs is trying to change the way people enjoy their overpriced toys. Requiring only a need for speed, a car fast enough to fill that need, and a safety check on both you and your check book, these clubs offer not just races, but open drive time where you can enjoy the often suppressed feelings of speed in an age of speed traps and cameras. They feature clubhouses, garages, go-kart tracks, skid pads, and many more of the features car fanatics can usually only dream of. So skip out of work early, fire up your Ford GT, and tear up a perfectly good set of tires while still getting home in time for dinner. Heaven can wait; I’m gong to the track.

[Via: Forbes Auto]