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…You can make your own $15 Mont Blanc pen?

Mont Blanc Pen Parts

Mont Blanc Pen

If you’ve got $15 and 2 minutes of time, you can make your own Mont Blanc pen. Though Mont Blanc makes some very nice pens, what makes them really stand out is the ink they use. Luckily enough, the ink refills are almost the exact same size as the ink that goes into a Pilot G2 pen. With a little trimming (and I mean little) the Mont Blanc ink will slide right into its new home like it was meant to be there. I picked up the ingredients for this pen hack today, and can now vouch for how easy this really is. 2 minutes time and I was writing with the best instrument in the world. Plus, I picked up the clear version of the G2 pen, so you can see the Mont Blanc name (moniker) through the pen, giving everyone a hint as to what’s inside. A very cool project with a very useful end result.

[Via: Instructables]