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…You can make your own Digg button?

Digg Button

The Digg button is a beginner’s electronics project that is designed to teach you the basics of soldering and programming microcontrollers in a fun and innovative way. With just a few simple tools and some time, you can put together your very own Digg counter. Just push the button, and the word “Dug” flashes on the screen, followed by an incremental increase in the number. The project is open source, so you can piece together everything yourself, or you can buy the complete kit from the Adafruit webshop for just $15. Plus, $1 from every sales is also going to the EFF (Electronics Frontier Foundation), so you can give a little just by buying one. Future plans include new colors and the ability to interface the button directly with, so stay tuned.

[Digg Button Kit (V1.0)]

[Via: Ladyada]

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