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…you can now Mooch off of others more than you do now?

Book Mooch
BookMooch is yet another way the Internet is replacing the neighborhood. Remember the video store? Yeah, it got Netflixed. Remember shopping at a store? Yeah, it got Amazoned. Remember trading a book you loved with your neighbor so they could enjoy it too? Now, no need. A web site called BookMooch allows readers to trade their books with each other for points, and then use those points to get books from other users. No longer are you stuck with only the first Harry Potter book. Now, trade your way through the series without having to ask your 10-year-old daughter if you can borrow hers. Here’s how it works:

  • For every book you trade, you get a point. Then, you can get a book from anyone else for a point. Really like the book? Just keep it. Can’t get past page 2? No problem, just trade it to someone with more ‘eclectic’ tastes.
  • For every book you enter information for into their system, they give you 1/10th of a point. The only catch is that you must trade one book for every two that you receive.
  • Got good heart? Donate points to your favorite charity or hospital, and let people far less fortunate than you have a little joy in their life. (Come on, I know you want to).
  • No one has your book yet? Create a ‘wishlist’ with Amazon. Then, when someone finally gets the nerve to give up their only copy of Catcher In The Rye, they’ll know who to send it to (and who to hide from). Also, if no one offers the book you’re looking for, you can break down and purchase it on Amazon through their site, allowing BookMooch enough commission to keep their servers up for one more day.
  • Just like eBay, other users create a feedback score for you. Keep trading them heavily used copies of their favorite childhood book? Lower scores for you. The higher your score, the more likely someone will help you on your search for that French edition of Everybody Poops.
  • Cost? All you pay is shipping. Too bad if you’re trying to ship the 1424 page, 3.9 pound hardcover brick of a book War and Peace, but not a bad deal for what people normally read.

So head on over and check it out. Your mom will thank you (but your TV won’t).