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…You can play golf on any surface, even the street?

Street Golf

If the high green fees and pompousness of golf keep you from the game you could come to love, then check out Streetgolf. The game is designed to be played anywhere you can find a spot to place the playoff mat and flag hole (so pretty much anywhere with a little creativity). Streetgolf plays similar to normal golf, but with no handicaps or par, and the winner is just the player with the lowest score after a predetermined number of holes. I think the most fun could be had coming up with some house rules between friends and creating some kind of golf hybrid. The kit consists of:

  • 1 7-iron
  • 1 Wedge (56 degree angle)
  • 1 Putter
  • 1 Streetgolf bag
  • 2 Streetgolf balls
  • 1 Streetgolf flag hole
  • 1 Streetgolf playoff mat
  • 25 Streetgolf scorecard
  • 1 set of Streetgolf rules

Oh, and as a big FU to left-handed golfers, the clubs only come right-handed (I may be a left-handed and now bitter golfer).


[Via: Coolest Gadgets]