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…You can surf the streets?


Looking like a cross between a mountain bike and a big roller skate, the StreetSurfer is a five wheel cycle that is supposed to give you “enhanced stability, the ‘surfing/carving sensation’ and the patented front and rear suspension system”.

Not mentioned on their page is that it gives you awkward stares from anyone who sees you riding this thing, though I guess that just goes unspoken.

I can’t attest to the ‘surfing/carving’ sensation, since I haven’t had a chance to ride one (Dear StreetSurfer, if you’d like to send me a demo unit, I’ll definitely give it a whirl.) though I’d imagine it’s going to take quite a sensation to overcome the feelings that you’ll get when you realize you’re riding on four high-tech training wheels.

Still, points must be given for creativity, and who knows, maybe this is the ride of the future.

(Or, maybe not.)


[Via: Gizmodo]