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…You can tattoo a beautiful woman for free?

Sexy Tattoo

Crusty Demons, which apparently is a dirt biking video game from the UK, has a web site where you can have a tattoo of choice put onto a provocative woman in spots where the sun doesn’t shine. Their tattoo parlour (Yes, it’s from the UK so they spell things with an –our) lets you choose where you want it (though your options are sadly limited to under the front of her pants, on her shoulder blade, on her left breast, or on her left butt cheek), what design you want to incorporate (all of which are pretty much different forms of ugly) and any message you want included in the design. Then, a movie plays where the woman shows you her new tattoo in as sexy a way as possible, and you are given the ability to download the image to use as a background for your computer. If you’ve been looking for a picture to back up that story about that one time in Mexico with that one girl, $25, and the tattoo she got, this site is for you. Definitely NSFW.

[Crusty Demons – Tattoo Parlour]

[Via: The Presurfer]