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…You need to get Lost?

LostYou’ve been invited to get Lost.

Lost InvitationLost is a student project “that aims to show how 7 million people (there are currently 20,500) connect and become the game with the most number of players ever. It’s about finding new ways of communicating an idea and crossing the boundary between the Internet and the real world”.

To join, you just need an invitation (see below).

Then, once joined, you win by scoring points, which are earned by inviting other people to join the game.

The more creative, the better.

You’ve got 30 days to score a point, and every time you score a point, your timer resets. If it reaches zero, you lose.

If you do manage to hang on though, the winner is going home with $5,000, and there’s a prize for the best photograph of an invitation.

So now that you’ve found it, it’s time to get lost…