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…You too can have a touch free faucet?

Touchless Faucet

If you are the kind of person who stuck your hand under the automatic sink in the public bathroom over and over again because you just thought it was so cool that the water turned on automatically, this device is for you. Called the EZ Faucet, it’s an adaptor that fits onto your existing faucet and turns the water on when you stick your hands under the faucet via its infrared sensor. It actually has some useful uses too, like preventing the spread of germs via your oh so dirty faucet handle, and saving water when you aren’t using it between washing your hands and drying them so you can turn the water back off. It runs for a year and a half on four AAA batteries, but I wish they had put in some sort of water-powered turbine battery charger so that you never needed to change batteries. Oh well, there’s always version 2.0. Available now from iTouchless (yet another unnecessary i name, surprise, surprise), you’ll be washing your hands under the magic faucet in no time.


[Via: Coolest-Gadgets]