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…You too can join the Mile High Club?

Mile High Plane

The “mile-high club” is something often talked about, but seldom done successfully, or enjoyably. It sounds like so much fun, sneaking around and enjoying each other during a usually boring and mundane plane trip. Usually though, you find yourselves locked in a too tight bathroom with one foot stuck in the vacuum sink and the coat hook poking you in the back, wondering why this seemed like such a good idea in the first place. Georgia corporate pilot Bob Smith has solved many of these problems though, with Mile High Atlanta. For $299, he’ll fly your frisky twosome past 5,280 feet (one mile) in his custom Piper Cherokee 6 that has been tricked out with a mattress. The hour-long flight includes a certificate, a bottle of champagne, and you get to keep the sheets (good call on that one).

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