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…Your child needs The Roddler?

The Roddler

Kid Kustoms makes a stroller that’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Called The Roddler, it features an aircraft-inspired, lightweight, monocoque chassis, a custom pearl paint job with pinstripes, a custom seat and tops in a variety of fabrics (ostrich, stingray, alligator, cow hide or alcantra in a host of colors), retro inspired Kustom fenders with lights, a DVD screen, an iPod dock, and a Kustom leaf spring design.

Sound nicer than your car?

That’s because it probably is. (Though, with a starting price of $2,500, I wouldn’t expect much less.)

If your child demands nothing but the best, then check out The Roddler, because you can only impart style on them for so many years before they develop their own.

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[Via: Acquire]

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