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…Your dog can play a safe game of Marco Pollo?

Dog Drawing

If you pay more attention to your dog than your friends (of if you don’t have any friends besides Fido), and the thought of loosing Fluffy to a horrible pool accident is more than you can bear, check out the Float-a-Pet collar. Designed like a Swiss army knife, this collar features solar powered LED lighting to stop your dog from running into the walls at night, and an emergency inflatable CO2 flotation device complete with flashing lights, activated by a humidity sensor just in case your little guy forgets how to doggy paddle (Come on, dogs have a stroke named after them, if yours can’t do it, technically I don’t think it counts as a dog). Strikingly absent is a GPS locator, but I guess it’s more fun to play “find the doggy buoy” than to actually know where your dog is. If your dog is special enough to have a crystal encrusted dog collar, you may want to add this when it becomes available to protect your investment. At the very least, it’s worth a glance just to see the Photoshopped river example pic for yourself.


River Detail

Collar Side Back

[Via: Engadget]