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…Your earphones can now be a fashion accessory?

EarMecca EP Earphones

If you can’t be bothered to both put on earrings and grab your iPod earphones in the morning, the EP Series by EarMecca aims to simplify your life one step further by providing an earphone and earring combo. Designed to make your earphones a little more personal and aesthetically pleasing, the phones come in 10 different styles such as stars, crosses, hearts, and pearls, can be ordered in either gold or silver, and adjust to fit whatever size ears you may posses, from mouse to Shrek. Thankfully, they are only clip-ons, as I can only imagine the pain of catching one of these in post form on your car door. Though only available in Korea, I’m sure it won’t be long before some American company tries to compel you to stick all sorts of fashionable do-dads on your earphones to keep people from noticing the large wires dangling from your earrings.

[Via: Gizmodo]