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…Your iTunes needs album art?

Cover Flow

Since most of the iPod line now includes Cover Flow, and since Cover Flow works a lot better when you actually have covers to browse through, it’s probably time to add some album art to your music collection.

Usually, this involves a long process of searching, sorting and dragging, but with a clever solution from MacApper, you can quickly and easily add art to hundreds of songs at once.

The process is as follows:

  1. Use an Applescript to magically create a playlist containing all of your coverless music.
  2. Export a list of the coverless must.
  3. Use a free online tool to locate art for all of those tracks.
  4. Drag the art from Safari into iTunes.

The first step is easy thanks to a “Tracks Without Artwork To Playlist” script from Doug’s Applescripts.

The second step is done via the Export command in the iTunes File Menu.

The third step is done at Art4iTunes, a free service that goes out and finds the covers for you.

Lastly, just click and drag and you’re ready to go.

Soon, you’ll be Cover Flowing like the Steve, full of album art and happiness.

[Via: MacApper]