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…Your shower can look too good to use?

Aquagate Shower

If you’ve ever wanted a shower so amazing and exclusive that you have to locate it in the middle of a field in order to fully grasp its true beauty (ok, so the pic is a little excessive, but you get the idea), this is your shower. Called the Aquagate steam shower, this work or cleaning art was created by world famous (possibly self described) architect and designer Matteo Thun and Villeroy & Boch. Featuring touch screen controls both inside and out, it can play your favorite MP3 version of Dirty by Christina Aguilera while you get clean. It’ll even play the radio so you can finally realize your fantasies of having Howard Stern reruns serenade you whilst you loofah your back. The actual shower function of this work or art has four automatic programs named rather uninformatively: Wake Up, Relax, Fitness and Feel Good. There is also aroma and light therapy, a mist function, a steam function, a rain shower and a Scottish shower (no mention of golden shower). The central gate is available in teakwood, pure Italian limestone and champagne-metallic colored aluminum, just in case your neighbor across the street has one and you have to be different.


[Via: BornRich]