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…Your television shot your Nintendo gun?

Duck Hunt

If you had a classic Nintendo back when it was the only system on the block, chances are you played a round or two of Duck Hunt. The original first person shooter, Duck Hunt came with its own gun that you would use to hunt ducks. Though it always worked, it also always remained a mystery just how it managed to work. Turns out the flash on the screen when you fire a shot was not just to create that realistic gun effect, it’s actually how the television communicated with the Nintendo. When you fired a shot, the Nintendo painted the screen black and the duck white. Then, if the photodiode inside of the barrel sensed the change in color, it assumed the gun was pointed in the right direction and scored a hit (cue dog). The gun didn’t shoot the TV; the TV actually shot the gun. A flashing screen also solves the second most wondered question a Nintendo player faced: Why can’t I shot the dog? Answer: Because the dog doesn’t flash. Now you know.

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