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…Your watch can have its own spinner?

Icetek Spinner

The spinning rim has been around for so long that it’s almost become trite, with every Joe Schmoe in a Honda able to slap a pair of $50 hubcaps on his ride and spin down the street. What if you could carry that spinning sense of style around with you though, say, on your wrist? Icetek aims to do just that with their Spinner line of wristwatches, allowing you to wear “a part of your car, all day long”. Designed with a center disc that moves with motion, “drawing attention to the white diamonds on the spinners, crown, case and bezel”, this isn’t a watch for the subtle. Yours can be had with either a black lacquer or white mother-of-pearl dial, and each one comes with a rubber tire strap and a leather strap to match your outfit. There are a total of 4.5 karats of diamonds covering this spinning sensation, so make sure to wear it on a bright day to get your full $5000 worth.


[Via: Luxist]

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